Telecommunications is a unique industry with high-tech exposures, and its insurance coverage needs to be just as specific. This is a fast-changing business and without an adaptable provider, you risk leaving your assets unprotected. Jester Insurance has partnered with EMC Companies to develop the Telecommunications Insurance Program, providing tailored coverage to your business so you know that the things you find important are well taken care of.

No Missed Connections

The Telecommunications Insurance Program doesn’t provide generic coverage. We understand that telecommunications is a lot more than local phone service. It’s why we provide a comprehensive list of coverages that are specific to your industry. From local, long-distance and cellular phone operations to microwave relays, high-speed Internet, cable television and fiber-optic cabling, we can help you gain peace of mind for the most essential parts of your business.

By bundling the various coverages into one simple program, we can offer members preferred pricing, helping you save both time and money. We are waiting to help your telecommunication company succeed.

Enhancing the Conversation

By partnering with Jester Insurance, you know that you are working with a managing agent that wants to get to know you to better serve your business. We’re here to answer your questions, work with you and address your concerns. Further, we understand that the true measure of an insurance provider is how it responds to your needs at the time of a loss. Experienced claims professionals are always ready to help when a claim arises.

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