Municipalities & Utilities

There is something special about the trust we put in our local government. Citizens rely on municipalities to protect them, but who protects the municipalities? That’s where Jester Insurance comes in—to ensure that trust is maintained by providing expert coverage for the property and services that keep our cities and towns running.

Coverage as Unique as Your City

Jester has partnered with EMC Companies and the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities since 1980 to provide our cities and utilities with a Safety Group Insurance Program. This program is designed with the specific needs of municipalities in mind. We offer broad coverages and provide unique protections within our standard policy that other insurance carriers don’t include. When it comes to the business of managing risk, it’s important to have a partner that understands the unique exposures of governmental entities.

We offer property/casualty insurance that covers everything from your city hall to the errors and omissions of your public officials. Jester covers the trucks and equipment that keep your town moving and the generators, switch panels and other equipment that powers your municipality.

Our coverages are just as comprehensive as the services that municipal utilities provide. We include coverage for law enforcement, including workers’ compensation and Chapter 411 coverage. You want to best serve your citizens, and the Safety Group Insurance Program allows you to do that without question.

Hometown Security

Partnering with a trusted agency like Jester Insurance means benefiting from more than a century of experience and gaining an ally, bringing you the latest innovations in insurance. Our plans are designed to protect what’s essential while also protecting your bottom line. We provide free safety training and educational seminars to help you manage risk and reduce losses. By keeping losses low, the Safety Group Insurance Program is able to pay an annual dividend to members. Jester Insurance is committed to finding value and passing it along to our partners.

With Jester, you are gaining a managing agent that wants to work with you to develop and maintain the best coverage, and an agent that quickly responds to any claims. We never simply write the policy and disappear—our work together truly begins after the policy is in place.

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