Jester Insurance believes in protecting the institutions that mean so much to Iowa. It’s why we provide comprehensive policies to safeguard religious institutions from risk. As beloved centers of the community, churches represent a value that deserves competent and diligent coverage, coverage that Jester Insurance is proud to provide.


Keeping Their Faith

Like any institution, churches are unique and have specific risks and exposures. We understand these needs and tailor our policies to best serve them. When churches put their faith in an insurance provider, knowledge is essential to earn that trust. That’s one reason why we’ve partnered with Guide One Insurance, one of America’s leading church insurers. As a provider of coverage for more than 43,000 religious organizations across the country, they bring to Iowa churches the most comprehensive protection available.

We Play Favorites

Our church program is endorsed by the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Each coverage is tailored to cover the things that matter the most to churches, including personal property for ministers, counseling services, allegations of abuse, liability of trustees, employee injuries, etc. A broad array of risk-management resources are also available at no additional cost. If it matters to a church, it matters to us.

Call and Response

Jester Insurance is motivated by the desire to provide the best customer service for its policyholders. Reporting claims is easy, and by working with us, you can rely on the fastest and most conscientious claims service available. Our value comes from our knowledge and expertise, but Jester Insurance is really about people—helping them in their time of need, responding quickly and compassionately to claims and working hard to make everything right again.

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