Insuring Iowa

We’ve always believed that the purpose of insurance is to provide peace of mind. Jester Insurance Services is committed to protecting each of its clients in the event of a misfortune or disaster. It’s why we take pride in serving the organizations that keep us learning, keep us growing, and make us healthy, thriving, and the best we can be.

All insurance providers are not created equal. Our expertise in various niches allows Jester to provide specific guidance about the coverage you need or the liabilities you may face. We know insurance and we also know your industry, giving us insight into the best ways to protect you.

At Jester, we do more than simply sell insurance. We add value by helping our clients manage and avoid risk through non-insurance means like reviewing contracts and suggesting concrete steps to reduce exposures to loss, thereby keeping overall costs as low as possible.

Proven Expertise

Polk County

“As a governmental entity, we need to bid each of our services out every few years. The first time we got a proposal from Jester Insurance, it blew us away. Jester far and away provided the best option for Polk County in terms of both coverage and premium. When we went out for bids again a few years later, there was still no one that could match the program that Jester had designed for us.

Jester is continually looking at the markets for us. There aren’t a lot of agencies that specialize in this type of work with municipalities, but Jester has the experience and the expertise to know what we need. When we have new projects come on board, for example the new hotel that we’re working on now, we call Bob Jester. He sits in on our meetings and gives us his advice on the types of coverage we need. They are always available to talk things over, to offer suggestions. With Jester, we’ve got the whole package.”

Bob Cataldo, Risk Manager at Polk County

Partners You Can Trust

Iowa Conference

“The best way to describe our relationship is a partnership. That’s how I categorize it. We support 780 churches across Iowa with 8 district offices, 9 parsonages and a number of different agencies and offices. In an organization like ours that’s so far reaching, I need partners like Jester Insurance to get things done.

We are responsible for supporting these churches and related organizations. Not only does Jester handle the insurance needs of the Conference, they step in and personally cover a number of our individual churches as well.

With Jester, I have a person and a face that I know and trust. I can call or email Janelle and she’ll help me with any problems and get a hold of the resources I need. When there’s water in the basement or a damaged car, it needs to be resolved quickly and I know with Janelle, that relief isn’t far away.

The partnership and personal attention are what set Jester Insurance apart.”

Terry Montgomery, CFO of the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church

Helping You Grow

Flooring America

“We put everything we had into building a business that was growing at a pace we never dreamed possible, but we never took the time to consider risks that we were opening our business and ourselves as owners to. Once we stopped and took the time to talk with Jester Insurance about “what we didn’t know”, they really opened up our eyes.

Jester was able to help us focus on protecting all the time, energy, and hard work that we had put into our company. I know that regardless of the obstacle that we may face, Jester has us covered, and we can continue to put our efforts into growing and bettering our business. Their service is second to none, and their competitive pricing makes it that much easier to put our trust in them to protect Flooring America.”

Brent Prenger, Owner at Flooring America, Iowa